Welcome to The Mac Shac

Since 2014 when we decided to take our award winning restaurant Mac and Cheese on the road, the Mac Shac has been bringing high quality food to happy customers in high volume at live music, cultural and sporting events across Europe.

Our mac is unique in that we *bake* on site – we don’t just stir in sauce. The 4 cheese baked crunch, which provides the lid to our awesome gooey base, is what keeps our customers coming back!

We finish our mac with a range of carefully researched optional toppings, from expertly prepared vegetarian dishes like our tomatoes with garlic, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar, to meaty favourites like our smokey bacon crumb with maple syrup.

We always purchase our ingredients locally, pay a fair wage to our team, and use fair trade where possible.

Finally, our unique ability to provide food of exceptional quality at a high, high volume (we served a portion of food every 11 seconds for 2 hours straight at the NFL in 2017) gives us the leading edge.

Mac & Cheese

A killer, freshly prepared four-cheese sauce, caressing quality Italian pasta, topped with four cheeses & baked to perfection.

Taking the humble Macaroni Cheese & twisting it up to stratospheric levels of tastiness.

Committed to bringing quality ingredients & great comfort food to festivals & events.

Toppings, that are tailored to each event, we usually bring 5 choices, such as…

Chilli con Carne (Mexican)
Roasted Chorizo (Spanish)
Crisp Smoked Bacon (British)
Cider Braised Chicken, Ham & Leek (British)
Jerk Chicken (Caribbean)
Pulled Pork (American BBQ)
Pulled Salt Beef (American BBQ)
Ratatouille (French) V
Garlic Wild Mushrooms (French) V
Tandoori Broccoli & Cauliflower (Indian) V
Slow Roasted Tomato, Balsamic & Basil (Italian)


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