Vodka Cocktails

Hugely popular in prohibition era America where it was marketed as ‘White Whiskey’, the true provenance of vodka is a hotly disputed topic. Both Poland and Russia claim to be the state of origin, and have produced lengthy tomes down the years to support their arguments.

Everyone knows the ‘Vesper’ and you’ll find it on the menu here, but what most people don’t realise is that, in the original book, Bond recommends an improvement to the drink;

“Excellent … but if you can get a vodka made with grain instead of potatoes, you will find it still better,”

…which is why we only use Wyborowa in our Vesper!

Here at Gonzo, we support provenance above all things, and our vodkas come from where they suggest they do on the label. This means you won’t find the more popular brands on our back bar – we eschew vodkas made for the mass market, and make it our mission to seek out the highest quality products available for your enjoyment and delectation, we will usually have;


Wyborowa Rye Grain Wodka (Poland)
Crystal Skull Vodka (Canada)
Grey Goose (France)
Stolichnaya Gold (Latvia)

Flavoured Vodkas

Hop Head Vodka (USA)
Stolichnaya Gala Apple (Latvia)
Stolichnaya Chocolate Raspberry
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka (Poland)
Stolichnaya Strawberry
Stolichanya Honey

“…when you sit down you should immediately put a napkin around your neck and then, very slowly, reach for the carafe of vodka. Now you don’t pour the dear stuff into any old glass … oh no! You must pour it into an antediluvian glass made of silver, one which belonged to your grandfather, or into a pot-bellied glass bearing the inscription “Even Monks Imbibe!” And you don’t drink the vodka down right away. No, sir. First you take a deep breath, wipe your hands, and glance up at the ceiling to demonstrate your indifference. Only then do you raise that vodka slowly to your lips and suddenly. sparks! They fly from your stomach to the furthest reaches of your body.”
— Anton Chekhov, The Siren

Vodka Cocktails

Vesper Martini – £9.00 / £7.00

Wyborowa Polish Rye Grain Vodka – Hayman’s London Dry Cocchi Americano
First unveiled to the world in 1953 by Ian Fleming in his James Bond adventure; ‘Casino Royale’. The drink was re-popularised by Daniel Craig in 2006 and our version is a twist on the original – we use Polish rye vodka, as recommended by Bond himself.

French Martini – £7.00

Wyborowa Vodka – Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur – Pineapple Juice
The 16th Century monks who first distilled Chambord believed it to be the elixir of eternal youth. It might not be that, but shaken with pineapple and a good rye vodka; it’s a sweet and fruity classic.

Espresso Martini – £7.00

Wyborowa Vodka – Fresh Ground Italian Espresso – Kahlua
Shaken to creamy perfection – highly recommended brunch drink. Also – there’s no ‘X’ in Espresso. Amen.

White Russian – £7.00

Wyborowa – Kahlua – Full cream milk – Cocoa Powder – Gomme
Two things: we fucking LOVE Creedence here at Gonzo, and we’d NEVER play the Eagles. The dude would definitely abide. Ask for vanilla vodka to twist this up into a delicious ice-creamy variant.

Cosmopolitan – £7.00

Wyborowa – Cointreau – Lime Juice – Cranberry Juice
Make like an NY socialite with this classy, cold cranberry concoction

Tatanka – £5.00

Zubrowka Bison Grass Polish Vodka – Apple Juice
Named ‘Tatanka’ after the Native American word for ‘Buffalo’, this drink has a delicate, smooth flavour. Every bottle of Zubrowka contains a blade of grass from the only field in Poland in which the Forest Bison breed

Moscow Mule – £6.00

Wyborowa Polish Rye Vodka – Fresh Pressed Ginger – Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – Lime – Angostura Bitters
Born of Prohibition era America where the supposedly odourless ‘white whisky’ was all the rage to hide your drinkers breath from the cops, this is a drink fast approaching it’s Centennial anniversary, and it’s no less fantastic for the age.

Porn Star Martini – £7.00

Wyborowa Vodka – Passoa Passion Fruit Liqueur – Lime Juice – Gomme – Prosecco
We like our Porn Stars sexy and fresh, so we shake in 2 whole passion fruit before we top up this one with super dry Prosecco, to give the drink a double layer of taste; from bone dry to super sweet.

Bloody Mary (The Bar Tender’s Breakfast) – £7.00

Wyborowa Vodka – Red Wine – Tomato Juice – Tabasco / Worcester Sauce / Ghost Chilli to taste
Need a wake up? Our house Bloody Mary is made to your own personal specifications, and can be as mild or as hot as you like it. If you’re feeling super brave / super hungover, then the Soul Kitchen Ghost Chilli sauce makes a fiery and magnificent addition – sure to blow the cobwebs away!