Rum Cocktails

The sociopolitical history of rum and the impact of it’s trade on British and worldwide drinking culture is a fascinating subject;

In March 1733 the parliament of Great Britain passed the ‘Molasses Act’, which imposed a tax of 6 pence per gallon on molasses imported from non- British colonies. This law still echoes today on back bars the world over; rums from British colonies such as Jamaica, Bermuda and Belize tend to be coloured and flavoured with Molasses, whereas rums from Spanish and French colonies such as Venezuela, Cuba and Guadeloupe, tend to be lighter, (taking any colour from cask ageing) as it was traditionally more expensive for them to export molasses flavoured spirits.

Here at Gonzo we stock a broad list of both traditional and contemporary rums which we constantly update and rotate to bring you the finest flavours from across the world. You can typically expect to see the following on our back bar:

Dark Rums

Gosling’s Black Seal (Barbados) Gosling’s Black Seal 151 Proof

Gold Rums

Appleton VX (Jamaica) Diplomatico Exclusiva (Venezuela) Elements 8 Gold (St Lucia)R.L.Seales 10YO (Barbados)
Ron de Jeremy (Panama)

White Rums

Havana Blanco (Cuba) Elements 8 Platinum (St Lucia)
Wray & Nephew Overproof 62.5% ABV(Jamaica)

Spiced Rums

Ron de Jeremy (Panama) Old J (Jamaica)

We always carry a few special edition and unusual rums – ask our bartenders for details

“There’s naught, no doubt, so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion”
Lord Byron

Rum Cocktails

Mojito – £6.20

White rum and fresh limes, muddled together using mint grown right here on our sun terrace.

Bilberry and Ginger Mojito- £7.00

Made as the mojito above but with the addition of local bilberries (blueberries when not in season), and floated with Old Jamaica Ginger Beer instead of soda for extra sweet, dry bite.

Daiquiri – £7.00

Havana Blanco – Cointreau – Lime Juice – Gomme – Fruit Syrups
Fruity, fresh, full of flavour and served short, or long over crushed ice to your taste. Ask our bar tenders to shake seasonal fruit flavours. We will always have; Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Mango available.

The Cuban Margarita – £6.00

Havana Club Añejo Especial – Cointreau – Lime Juice – Sugar
An in house invention that has the right punchy blend of sweet, sour and strength.

Dark and Stormy – £7.00

Gosling’s Black Seal Dark Rum – Lime Juice – Old Jamaica Beer
If anyone offers you a Dark and Stormy and doesn’t use Gosling’s,
then it ain’t a real D+S! Built over ice, this is a sweetly sticky and adult flavour

Banana Colada – £7.50

Havana Blanco – Coco Lopez Coconut cream – Pineapple Juice – Half Banana
The Gonzo version of the classic ‘Pina Colada’ (which we can also make for you), this drink has added fresh banana which binds the rum and the coconut together; totally tropical!

Macaroon Rum Martini – £7.00

Old J Spiced Rum – Gosling’s Black Seal Dark Rum – Macaroon syrup – Apple Juice
Sweet, comforting and decidedly autumnal, this in house favourite is garnished with fresh orange zest and like Proust’s Madeleine cakes, will take you back to a quieter, happier and trouble free place…

The Fighting Ape – £7.00

Magic Rock ‘Jacco Maccaco’ – Gosling’s Black Seal – Cassis – Angostura Orange Bitters – Black Pepper
An unusual and bizarre concoction of hops, pepper, rum and orange that takes a contemporary beer cocktail and utilises our exclusive house ale ‘Jacco Macacco’ to create a remarkably zingy and punchy beverage.

Flaming Gonzo Zombie – £10.00

Cherry Marnier Brandy – Havana Blanco White Rum – Gosling’s Black Seal Dark Rum – Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum 62.5%ABV – Fresh Passion Fruit, Orange and Pineapple
Legend has it that Donn Beach put together the original version of this drink and that the hungover customer for whom it was created returned a week later to complain that it had turned him into a zombie for the previous seven days; This is the Gonzo version – and we set ours on fire; because if you’re going to do something; you should do it right, and then set fire to it…