Gin Cocktails

Gin was invented in Holland in the 1600’s as an antimalarial drug, distilled from the juniper berry and taken to Africa by early explorers. First distilled by the physician Franciscus Sylvius ‘Jenever’ (the Dutch name for gin) first appears in print in 1623.

During William of Orange’s 1688 invasion of Britain, gin was used to pay his soldiers, and this is where we take the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’.

Gin is traditionally associated with the British Empire, as the antimalarial properties were increased by the addition of tonic, (which contains quinine) by the early pioneers of the Commonwealth.

In recent years, gin has undergone a renaissance and shaken off its image of ‘Mother’s ruin’ (perpetrated by Hogarth – the villain) and we stock a number of fantastic and unusual products that we will recommend the best way to drink, as each gin is as unique and characterful as the person who distilled it.

We regularly chop and change our gin list, but these are the stalwarts you can expect to find at any time of the year;


Mason’s Yorkshire Gin
Sipsmith London Gin
Tanqueray Number 10
Hayman’s Sloe
Beefeater London Gin
Plymouth Gin
Plymouth Sloe Gin
Hayman’s London Dry
Hayman’s 1850 Naval Reserve
Caorunn Scottish Heather Gin

We also make our own gin, and depending on the time of year you can expect to find flavours such as Quince, Sloe and Damson – picked locally and steeped in house using Mason’s Yorkshire gin as a base spirit

“I like to have a Martini, two at the very most; three, I’m under the table, four I’m under my host”
Dorothy Parker

Gin Cocktails

Aperol Spritz – £8.00

Aperol – Mason’s Yorkshire Gin – Prosecco
A tall ‘Aperol Spritz’ is a drink enjoyed across Northern Italy in the summer, and we like to put Mason’s Yorkshire gin into our version, because we can’t have the Europeans thinking they’ve got a monopoly on sophisticated drinks now can we?

French ’75 – £7.00

Hayman’s London Dry – Lemon Juice – Gomme – La Lunetta Prosecco
Invented in 1915 by legendary barman Harry MacElhone, we can make this sexy classic to the original recipe above, or we can add fresh fruit to give it a delicious twist.

White Lady – £7.00

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin – Cointreau – Lemon Juice
A short and sexy classic; this drink has endured the test and taste of time. Shaken cold and served in a martini glass, this is refinement defined.

Bee’s Knees – £7.00

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin – Yorkshire Heather Honey – Fresh Lemon Juice – Orange Juice
This was such a huge hit at our NYE party that it has found
its way onto the permanent list; a great drink that showcases
the best of local flavour

Mason’s Dam Jam and Tonic – £6.00

Mason’s Yorkshire Gin – Holme Valley Damson Jam – Fresh Strawberry and Cucumber – Tonic Water
A frightfully ‘moderne’ twist on a timeless classic, the Damson jam is made from gin steeped Holme Valley Damsons that have been soaked in Mason’s gin, here in house. The resultant Damson gin is also available on the bar

Pink Gin – £6.00

Plymouth Gin – Fresh Fruit – Cocktail Bitters (ask which we have available) – Tonic Water
The ‘Heart of the Matter’ is a classic British novel by Graham Greene, set in a crumbling outpost of the Empire. There is a LOT of pink gin consumed – as well there should be; a great twist on the G&T

Gin Fizz (Classic / Strawberry / Passion Fruit / Mango) – £7.00

Hayman’s London Dry – Lemon Juice – Gomme (or fruit syrup)
Available as the classic gin cocktail; a refreshing and sweet summer cooler, or made up with any of our available fruit syrups to create a yummy and fruit-tastic party drink.

Corpse Reviver #2 – £7.00

Hayman’s London Dry – Lemon Juice – Cointreau – Cocchi Americano – Absinthe
Tell our bartenders if you’d like the ‘full flavour’ version with the shot of absinthe, or the more delicate twist, in which the Absinthe is used to ‘wash’ the glass before pouring.

Bramble – £6.00

Hayman’s London Dry – Lemon Juice – Gomme – Chambord
One of the modern classics – invented in Soho in the early 80’s