Welcome to Gonzo Bar

IMG_8862We are Holmfirth’s first and only craft beer, cocktail and wine bar. Opened in April 2013 we have built a reputation as the place to go if you’re bored of the mainstream.

Located on Dunford Road, right under the ‘Soul Kitchen’ we share their team of chefs and we are proud to present an exceptional lunch and bar food menu – all made in house from the freshest and most fantastic of locally supplied ingredients. Just like our drinks list – the menus are inspired by the best in British and World cuisine, but brought to you with a truly independent and local twist.

You won’t find heavily marketed, internationally recognised brand names on our bar. Instead; you’ll find high quality beers, wines and spirits sourced from all four corners of the globe and brought to Holmfirth by a team who care about quality, and the customer experience, over and above profit margins and ‘fitting in’.

Music is at the heart of everything we do, and along with frequent live acts, you’ll find our play list is eclectic, atmospheric and reflects a passion for the alternative.